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Gifts For Mother’s Day: From Kindle to Coffee Date

We all know how important it is to find the perfect gift for our mothers on special days like Mother’s Day and her birthday. Sometimes buying for the woman who gave you life can be a difficult task, especially if you want to give her something she’ll actually use. For years your mom accepted sweet but pointless handmade gifts and cards on holidays, reacting to each one as if it were a priceless masterpiece and treasuring them forever. But now you’re an adult and you want to show your mom that you know her well enough as a person to choose a gift she will genuinely like and want to use. We’re here to help you with some ideas to impress the woman who started it all!

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Instead of getting your mom a trinket that will sit on her shelf for the next 20 years collecting dust, get her a gift card to her favorite shop or restaurant. Places like Ann Taylor Loft, Talbot’s, and Lane Bryant are have great sales on women’s apparel of all shapes and sizes and offer gift cards to customers. If you’re feeling really generous and want to spoil your mom, take her out yourself for a day of shopping and a good meal. Most moms would love the opportunity to spend the day with their grown children, shopping, laughing, and talking. After coffee or a light lunch, treat her to a new blouse or a sassy pair of shoes to brighten up her wardrobe. She will think of you and your day together with love and happiness each time she wears them!

If your mom isn’t the shopping & lunch kinda gal, then perhaps she’d be more pleased with a gift pertaining to her interests. A lot of moms are avid readers–so either a gift card to a book retailer like Barnes & Noble or Joseph-Beth Booksellers would be perfect. Even more perfect would be a Kindel or other type of eReader and a subscription to an eBook store online! With the world at her fingertips, your mom will be able to download and enjoy millions of titles of eBooks, from novels to biographies, how-to’s to self help. Her reading options will be limitless and she will have you to thank for it!

But maybe eReaders aren’t quite the thing for your mom either. Maybe your mom is a wild woman, an adventurer! If that’s the case, then scoop her up and take her on a day trip to a cool location! If you’re near a nature park, check out their attractions. Hiking, swimming, cliff diving, and zip-lining are all fun and inexpensive ways to have a wild time with your mom. Sometimes the best gifts don’t come in pretty packages tied up in ribbons. Oftentimes the simplest gifts bring more joy and longer lasting memories than anything that can be bought in a store or online. Keeps this and our other tips in mind when you’re shopping for the perfect Mother’s Day gift this year. Your mom will thank you for it!