What is SAT Test? Everything You Need to Know

If you’re planning to take admission in college, it’s crucial that you know exactly what the SAT is and how it can affect your admission process. So what’s the SAT? It’s one of the major standardized college admission tests in the United States. It’s conducted by the College Board, a nonprofit institution that also runs the AP (Advanced Placement) and the PSAT programs.

Why Do I Need to Take the SAT Test?

People take the SAT test to show academic institutes (they are looking to join) that they’re eligible to take admission in their courses.  This test mainly measures the following key skills: computational ability, reading comprehension, and clarity of expression.

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If you’re looking to apply to universities in the US, you need to pass the SAT test with good scores to be considered among the most favorite candidates. So, you need to work hard to secure higher score to increase your application’s chances of getting approved.

Where to prepare for the SAT test?

There’re a number of websites available on the internet, which allow you to prepare for the SAT test. However, you need to make sure the site you’re relying on is credible and has good reputation among the students. Whatever site or center you pick for the SAT preparation, make sure they have the best course plan that matches your requirements.

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