How to Change your Life in the next 15 minutes Self Help 101 Review

How to Change your Life in the next 15 minutes (Self-Help 101) Review

How to Change your Life in the next 15 minutes Self Help 101 Review

  • Bonus: Free Affirmations Audio MP3 download inside the book An action-oriented self-help book! Ever wondered why that ugly, talentless acquaintance is so successful? Or why that no-good-for-any-job neighbor earns more than you do? Here you are trying to do everything you possibly can, and you aren’t moving even an inch towards your goals. And you feel frustrated that others are able to reach their dreams so easily. Why? Its all due to Self Belief. Self Belief is the only common denominator between all successful people. Your Self Belief has a deep connection with your Thoughts and Actions. This book will finally unravel why you have been struggling. This book will strengthen your Self Belief by first strengthening your thoughts and actions. Here what will be unveiled: Introduction: Self-Belief allows you to predict the future SECTION I: Thoughts that strengthen Belief Chapter 1: We think only twice in a year I didn’t make the above claim. It was made by one of the greatest thinkers of yesteryears. George Bernard Shaw. Why? This chapter will tell you. Chapter 2: Thinking is Praying Countless times you have prayed for something, and it didn’t materialize. Be honest. Did you really felt deep down that it wasn’t going to happen? Did you know that you are praying each minute of your life without knowing it? God is always providing you with exactly what you are praying for. Stop getting in your own way of success. Be kind to yourself and learn why you hold yourself back. Chapter 3: Asking Hard Questions We can walk up to anyone and tell ’em how to get thin, save more money, have better relations. Question is, why don’t we follow our own advice? SECTION II: Actions that strengthen belief Chapter 1: Why the Law of Attraction will never work for you? So you think Law of Attraction is either awesomeness or a scam? This chapter will tell you of a more powerful law than the law of attraction. And surprisingly, its hidden within those very words. Chapter 2: Taking tough actions Whose dream are you living? Yours? Your spouse’s? Your boss’? Your kid’s? Its time to live your own dream. Whether it’s a New Year’s Resolution or a list of chores, you need to take action. Chapter 3: Why its critical to succeed just today? Forget long term goals. Your mind simply isn’t programmed to think about what you will be 5 years from now. This critical piece is missing from most goal-setting exercises. You will be a success tomorrow only if you just do everything right only for today. “Just do it only for today. We will think about tomorrow, tomorrow.” BONUS SECTION: How do I use this information to change my life in the next fifteen minutes Unlike most other self-help books, you will get to know exactly what you need to do in the next 15 minutes after completing this book. As easy as following Step 1…Step 2…Step 3… etc. Please scroll up and grab this book NOW.

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“Wow! I keep nodding my head as I read this book. This author is really good. His writing is fluid, entertaining, and concise. Believe me, I can be such a cut throat critic (read my reviews). What I like most about this book is that it actually lived up to its big title. I am not the same person 15 minutes ago. For the first time, I LEARNED A LOT from a tiny, short book. Amazing.” By leyse922

“For a short book, this book really says a lot. It really cuts to the chase as to things one needs to change a life.
The author gets right ton the point beginning with the very first chapter. He states that positive beliefs bring on positive life and negative beliefs bring at best so so life even no so good life. He explains that we rarely think,MIT is our positive or negative beliefs. This I found sout meaningful. Going on to chapter 2, my favorite, he explains that THINKING IS PRAYING. This really got my attention. This chapter explains how to think/pray for the best results. What a wakeup call this chapter is.” By Daisy S

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