Awaken The Witches The Spell Book and The Magic Tree A Fated Fantasy Quest Adventure Volume 1 Review

Awaken (The Witches, The Spell Book, and The Magic Tree) (A Fated Fantasy Quest Adventure) (Volume 1) Review

Awaken The Witches The Spell Book and The Magic Tree A Fated Fantasy Quest Adventure Volume 1 Review

  • A FATED FANTASY QUEST ADVENTURE, Book 1, Awaken: The Witches, The Spell Book, and The Magic Tree. A Bewitching Tale of Family, Destiny, and Magic… Suspenseful Action and Dangerously Addictive. Mind reading twins, Meghan and Colin Jacoby, have until the rising of the blue moon to save the life of a young man whose family is forced to flee through a magical portal to another world, without him. In the process, they unknowingly break a spell and awaken an ancient dark magic, which has an unfortunate side effect: now they are being hunted too! In Book One… Meghan and Colin Jacoby are looking forward to a typical summer vacation, which means their guardian (and uncle) will pull into the Cobbscott Campground just off the coast of Maine and park his travel trailer for three full months. Normally, they’d never spend more than a few weeks in any one place, their uncle preferring to stay on the move. Why did he do this? The twins have never thought to ask. Their only concern being that their friend Sebastien will be in Cobbscott as well… the one person who also happens to know their secret- the twins are telepathic, and can read each other’s’ minds. A secret they’ve never even told their Guardian. Within hours of arrival, Meghan and Colin are making plans to meet up with Sebastien but before they can, unexpected guests arrive. Guests with reserved campsites… reserved, but unused for years. And even more mysterious is that within hours, it’s clear these new visitors did not come alone! Something else has followed them. Something dangerous, and evil, with an eerie shadow that flies across the tree tops screeching out a warning that can have only one meaning: we know where you are… Mystery, Adventure, Suspense, Friendship, Loyalty, Prophecies, Bloodlines, Secrets, Lies, Family, Destiny, and Magic. The Quest Begins…

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“I could see that maybe preteens might enjoy this. As it does not complete a story or a storyline this is more of a sample than a novel.
Story follows 12year old twins nearing their 13th birthday. As it draws closer, they come into certain powers. Mix in some magical gypsies, a talking cat and book, and meddling twin kids and you have the elements of the plot. The sample ends with no ending that anyone would find satisfying. It cliffhangers into the next installment that you need to buy.
As I imagine I am not the target reader for this I will conclude my review with a simple heads up for anyone over the age of 14 that this is probably not a download you would enjoy.” By Aly Star

“I couldn’t get past the incredibly poor editing job. There were so many misspellings- desert when the context called for dessert, for example. There were so many grammatical errors and fragments. I gave it up after 4 chapters.” By Erin

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Author: Humphrey Quinn
Kindle price: Paperback $9.99
Series: A Fated Fantasy Quest Adventure
Paperback: 366 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition (July 20, 2016)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 153540843X
ISBN-13: 978-1535408431
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